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EPÉKEINA: Greek word whose meaning, in short, is "beyond being". It can also be interpreted as the force of God or His vital impulse that transcends everything human. In the Epékeina Foundation, the essential thing is the human being and his dignity, that's why the slogan "beyond the human" is adopted. Human and Christian values ​​are the light and guide that define constancy in education and humanitarian aid to the most deprived.

Funda Epékeina initiates social and pastoral work with weekly visits to the Terrazas neighborhood of San Agustín del Sur in Caracas since 2008. Formally, its first administrative activities with the recognition of SENIAT are directed from the El Salvador Parish located in the Las Acacias urbanization (Caracas) It is February of 2010. It currently has five offices throughout the country and three international offices. Over the years, her social work has been extended to programs aimed at children, adolescents and young people, as well as a specific one that provides support to priests in retirement. In partnership with the UNDP office, Venezuela started the project for the recovery of the agricultural landscape in Canaguá, State of Merida, in 2014, through the cultivation of agroecological coffee. In April 2012, the sports program for young people, Líderes Construyendo Futuro, was born. In just two years it expanded through the capital and in 2014 it became the Caracas Youth Network. The success of the initiative has been convened for May 2016 in a proposal for the country with the Red Joven project Venezuela proposes a new scheme of citizen participation in which young people are the designers, producers and the protagonists of their initiatives and ventures . During these years, I have also emerged and consolidated other very important programs, that is to say: Campamento Epékeinando for the months of July and August; Parrots for peace in the months of September; Murals or murals that are values, permanent program; School of Leadership and Entrepreneurship; Among others of culture, art and sport for young people.


Accompany and support communities in poverty in their effort to have a decent quality of life, in defense of their citizenship rights, through a comprehensive process, educational level and participatory organization, in order to promote intellectual training and the training of their members, on children, adolescents, young people and their families, in accordance with the values ​​of democracy and social peace.


Build a democratic and inclusive Venezuela where coexistence with full freedoms is possible, equal opportunities for all and reduce poverty rates. Foster a plural, solidary, peaceful and just nation. Promote a decent quality of life for the popular communities and the most needy people, and encourage their integral education, their empowerment and productive participation in society.


Join the independent organizations and institutions (University and Catholic Church), free of ideologies and political parties, to promote the processes of social change and the strengthening of Civil Society, and thus seek the defense and promotion of human rights (Human Rights) in its broad sense, with a strong social impact to awaken critical consciousness in people before the dominant system.


Promote alternative community and socio-pastoral initiatives to the socio-economic and political systems established in the country, from the reality of poor communities, with the leadership and protagonism of young people, and the attention to children, to contribute to training of a just nation, democratic, pluricultural and multicultural, in peace and harmonious coexistence with the natural riches that the Creator has given us.


Train young people, accompany them, and provide them with tools and new knowledge.

Promote and strengthen the forms of social organization, already existing, and that we find and awaken in the communities.

Strengthen the incidence and articulation of the Epékeina Foundation with the networks of other Foundations and NGOs, with academics (research centers and universities) and national and international human rights defense organizations.

Collaborate and strengthen the regional, national and international articulations that they, children, adolescents and young people are promoting.


1.- Promote education and improvement through study, work and individual and collective effort.

2.- Promote organized and supportive participation.

3.- Promote human rights, freedom of expression and labor rights.

4.- Promote and strengthen Social Organizations.

5.- Caring for and defending the environment and natural resources.

6.- Promote education, health and community food; think more about the other.

7.- Support the work of alternative and popular media (murals, newspapers, etc.).

8.- Promote the sport and all the training disciplines that help the qualification of young people from popular areas

9.- Support the technological literacy processes in the communities.

10.- To develop itinerant workshops in the different headquarters of the Foundation.


Children Program

Promotes the learning and values training of children and adolescents through the development of various educational and play-recreational activities addressing multiple issues such as culture and art, science, religion, and sports. As part of the conference, they are offered a nutritious breakfast so that they have the necessary energy to learn and play. All this is accomplished on Saturdays, from 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m., at our headquarters located in Las Acacias, whose beneficiaries are from the Terrazas del Alba sector (San Agustín del Sur) and La Boyera, which serves beneficiaries from various sectors of the municipalities. The Hatillo and Baruta.

Epékeina Sacerdotal

Contributes to the monthly supply of food, medicines and other products required by the elderly priests of the Priestly House of the Archdiocese of Caracas and the Servant Sisters of Jesus who attend them. In addition, it provides accompaniment through monthly visits by members of the program and the various apostolates of the Church The Annunciation of the Lord (La Boyera).

Epekeinando Camp

It is the 1-week vacation plan that takes place every August. It is designed to involve the beneficiaries of the children's program who have complied with their regular attendance and maintain good behavior. They are offered a balanced diet (breakfast and lunch), training workshops, recreational walks, didactic materials, transportation and uniform. There is a team of volunteers and facilitators to carry out the programming of each edition.

Project "Conservation of the productive landscape of the community of La Laguna"

This project, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and with the support of the Small Grants Program of the Global Environment Fund and the Universidad de los Andes (ULA) -CORPOULA, was formally initiated in February 2016 in the Canaguá Parish of the Arzobispo Chacón municipality of the state of Mérida. From that date until May 2017 we worked simultaneously on the objectives set in its different stages, integrated into activities in the "Field School for Farmers La Laguna" (ECA), which was founded taking education as a basic strategy for the development of the communities and fulfilling the objective of the project "Develop a training and training plan for coffee growers".

Red Joven Venezuela

Promotes community initiatives and socio-pastoral alternatives to socio-economic and political systems established in the country, from the reality of poor communities, with the leadership and protagonism of young people, and care for children, to contribute to training of a just nation, democratic, pluricultural and multicultural, in peace and harmonious coexistence with the natural riches that the Creator has given us.


Train young people and adolescents in popular areas, accompanying them, and providing them with tools and new knowledge to promote their productive participation and their role in Venezuelan society.

Promote and strengthen existing social organization initiatives in the communities, as well as promote new alternatives in this area.

Consolidate the incidence and strategic articulation of Funda Epékeina with other non-governmental organizations, both national and international, from different areas, to develop an excellent educational, academic, investigative and productive level, and, also, in favor of the defense of rights human beings of young Venezuelans.


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Av. Valencia, edificio Rosini, apartamento 9. Entrada B.
Urb. Las Acacias. Caracas, Venezuela.
Z.P. 1040.
Teléfono: +58-0212-307.72.81.



Av. Valencia, edificio Rosini, apartamento 9. Entrada B.
Urb. Las Acacias. Caracas, Venezuela.
Z.P. 1040.
Teléfono: +58-0212-307.72.81.



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We have a group of volunteers willing to give their best to serve the most needy.


Cristopher de Faria

"To be a volunteer is to understand that the change begins in you, it is to extend a helping hand to those who need it and to know that with a smile at the same time, we can change the world."

Maria Cristina Giorgini

"To be a volunteer is putting a grain of sand that becomes the smile of a child. If each one of us contributes a grain we will have a happier future. Happier. "

Meiber Montañez Gómez

"To be a volunteer is a wonderful experience."

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Av. Valencia, edificio Rosini, apartamento 9. Entrada B.

Urb. Las Acacias. Caracas, Venezuela. Z.P. 1040.

Phone: +58-0212-307.72.81

Email: fundaepekeina@gmail.com